West has also done renditions of No Doubt during his Sunday Service

Kanye West is exploring new material with his Sunday Service performances . West has debuted renditions of music by No Doubt. In West’s latest gospel performance, he has taken on two classic hits by Nirvana. A short video on YouTube shows the choir singing Smells Like Teen Spirit and Come As You Are. Both songs are from the 1991 album Nevermind. Kanye West’s rendition features brand new lyrics which speak about Christian spirituality and God. He has changed Teen Spirit‘s chorus to “Let your light shine, it’s contagious / here we are now, inspiration.” He has even changed the lyrics of Come as You Are to “Just confess, he’ll do the rest, Christ is here – hallelujah.”

This isn’t the first time that West has paid tribute to Kurt Cobain. He has sampled guitars from the song Burn the Rain, by Montage of Heck on Kids See Ghosts Cudi Montage. Earlier this year, West has taken his Sunday Service to Coachella. West used this opportunity to tease a new song titled Water.

Kanye West’s fans have theorized that the song would make an appearance on Yandhi. However, the song was nowhere to be found on a leaked version of the album. Kanye’s service doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon. West filed a trademark application for Sunday Service merchandise last week.

If you haven’t attended West’s Sunday Service, it can be described as an amalgamation of a concert and a church service. It doesn’t lean too far to either side. Instead, it operates in a grey area between the two. West’s service mixes eclectic performances with moving moments of genuine worship.

West has seen his fair share of interesting rides in the last few years. He has donned a MAGA hat for political activism and met a couple of times with President Donald Trump. However, he has been a bit more subtle when it comes to his spiritual journey. He has said that the Old Testament inspired the latest Yeezy drops and even spoken about planting a church. West has clearly changed his tune in the last few years. He is now on a spiritual journey like many other people are.


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