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It’s Chrismukkah Time Again! Christmas and Hanukkah Coincide This Year

The Christmas and Hanukkah holidays will overlap this year.

Two of the most important holidays of the year for Christians and Jews will be celebrated during the same time period. This year, Hanukkah begins on December 24, which is also Christmas Eve and will continue until the New Year.

It’s Chrismukkah Time Again! Christmas and Hanukkah Coincide This Year.[/tweetthis]

Hanukkah is one of the most important festivals for the Jews. This overlapping of festivals will be the cause for double excitement in homes that have a mix of Jewish and Christian cultures. In the past, interfaith households have tried to find ways to celebrate the two festivals together, forming a mashup popularly known as “Chrismukkah.” This year, however, the two festivals will be formally celebrated together thanks to the coinciding dates. This will be the fifth time that such a thing has occurred in the past 111 years.

While Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, Hanukkah is celebrated in the memory of a miracle that happened at the Jewish temple when Judaea was under Greek domination. Israel rebelled against the Greeks under the rebel-group, the Maccabees and won in second century BC. Following the victory, the Maccabees sought to rededicate the temple of Jerusalem, for which they would have to keep the Menorah lit all the time. However, the oil that was available was enough for only one night. But, the lamp continued to burn for the full eight days.

Owner of, Amy Kritzer, says that Chrismukkah “has been a fun trend for years, especially in homes that celebrate both holidays. But this year, with the first Hanukkah candles lit on Christmas Eve, the potential for overlap is even more exciting.”


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