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Chris Pratt Tweets Bible Verse After Disney Fired James Gunn

Chris Pratt Tweets Bible Verse after Disney Fired James Gunn
Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0
The Guardians of the Galaxy cast supports the GOTG writer and director

Cast members of Guardians of the Galaxy appear to support James Gunn[/tweetit], the director of the super hit series after he was fired by Walt Disney Studios on July 19. This was done after several offensive tweets made by Gunn a few years back resurfaced to haunt him. The director of the blockbuster superhero series owned up to the tweets and apologized for their content. Chris Pratt, who plays a principal character in the film, made a cryptic tweet using a Bible verse by Saint James. The verse exhorted the reader to be quick to listen but slow to speak and then “slow to anger.”

Chris Pratt Tweets Bible Verse After Disney Fired James Gunn[/tweetthis]

The sacking of Gunn has taken a toll on other activities of the now erstwhile writer and director of GOTG. He was ejected out of his scheduled appearance at the Comic-Con event in San Diego. He was supposed to discuss a brand-new horror film where he was a producer.

Zoe Saldana, a major actor in the film and who seemingly met her end in the second installment of the franchise Avengers: Infinity War, also voiced her views. In her tweet, she wrote that she can respond further only if she has more knowledge about the matter. Her concluding sentence, however, clearly showed who she supports. She expressed her love to all cast and technical members. All the words were typed in capital letters for emphasis.

Other cast members were more forthcoming in their support of Gunn. Dave Bautista, who before entering Hollywood was a professional wrestler, was the most direct. He shared multiple articles through which he encouraged Disney to rehire the writing and directorial services of Gunn. The wrestler turned actor even went a step further, describing the floating of the long past tweets as a "cyber nazi" attack. Bautista described James Gunn as one of the most good-natured, kind, and gentle people he ever met. He pointed out that everyone made mistakes and he feels what is now happening to the director is not fair at all.

The strongest tweet in support of James Gunn came from his brother Sean Gunn. The younger Sean tweeted a thoughtful, lengthy content which confessed to James Gunn's past mistakes but also said that the person behind the tweets has enjoyed substantial personal growth from that time. The latter is also a collaborator in the GOTG movies. Sean tweeted that he continues to be proud of his brother.


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