Catholic Church Attacked In India By Hindu Nationalists

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Archbishop’s Letter About Minority Violence Enrages Hindus

Archbishop Anil Coutu wrote a letter urging for peace in India in upcoming elections. It did not get the intended response.

Members of the Bharatiya Janata Party, run by Hindu nationalists, were outspoken against the message. Archbishop Coutu was accused of meddling in Indian politics and ignoring the secularism of India.

The BJP has been in charge of India since 2014. Since that period, there has been an increase in violence towards minority groups. In particular, the Dalits, a group of people that are considered to be toward the bottom of the caste system. There have been a string of violent attacks and Dalits are complaining that police do not adequately investigate the crimes. There are also reported attacks against Muslims.

Archbishop Coutu replied that his message of prayer and peace was not intended to convert, but to try and stem the recent violent protesting that has occurred.


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