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Carl Lentz Says New York’s New Abortion Law is “Evil, Shameful and Demonic”

Carl Lentz Says New York's New Abortion Law is "Evil, Shameful and Demonic"
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New York’s new abortion law protects a woman’s right to a late-term abortion under certain circumstances.

The signing of New York’s Reproductive Health Act into law by Governor Andrew Cuomo permits women to have an abortion after 24 weeks if the fetus is no longer viable or if the mother’s life is in danger. The law predictably created a storm in the pro-life community. Christian leaders went on social media to denounce the January 22 decision which coincidentally was the controversial Roe v. Wade‘s 46th anniversary.

Carl Lentz Says New York’s New Abortion Law is “Evil, Shameful, and Demonic”[/tweetthis]

Several states have what is colloquially known as 20-week bans. This law makes most abortions after this period illegal starting from 21 weeks as most doctors believe the unborn baby is capable of sustaining life outside the mother's womb from this age. A U.S. Congress bill, the “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act,” is centered on the premise that fetuses at 20 weeks gestation can feel pain. The bill, introduced in 2013, has been passed by the House of Representatives, but not the senate. In this context, New York’s Reproductive Health Act resulted in a huge outrage among many who hold pro-life views.

Although many ran to breathe fire through Twitter and Facebook as soon as they heard the news, the Hillsong NYC Pastor Carl Lentz waited to post his views until the night of January 26. He posted an Instagram image which featured himself with his three children. The content of the post explained his views and why he is angry with the new law.

Lentz informed his followers about Ava, Charlie, and Roman, saying it took him a year to process that his children (whom he described as little people) have come into this world. The pastor termed their birth a miracle. It “is evil, shameful and demonic,” Lentz said, expressing his anger and sadness that Americans now have a state which has legalized “abortion even into the last day of a pregnancy.”[/tweetit]

Lentz said the reason he took a few days to write on the new law adopted by New York as he interacted with many people who presumably knew more about the subject than him. He claimed to have spoken to lawyers and also to individuals who hold opposing views to know more about the subject. He said many who supported the law’s extreme language knew it was there only to protect a dying mother.

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