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Can Trump Get The Amish Votes?

Can Trump Get The Amish Votes?

Plain Voter Project is a Traditional Ad Media Blitz for Amish Votes.

In his aim to intensify his political campaign and outrun Hillary Clinton, Trump has turned to a new source of voters and one that has always been the most difficult to garner support from, the Amish. The Amish are one of the most conservative Christian communities and live a very strict life based purely on the Gospel. The Amish limit their interaction with the outside world in order to maintain their “spiritual purity.” As such, getting them into the field of mainstream politics is very difficult.

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There are a number of factors that complicate matters for the politicians to interact with the Amish people. The conservative community for one, is not connected to technology as they believe in a way of life that is more natural. As such, they completely avoid any technology, which include computers and televisions. Needless to say, trying to gain their support through media is impossible. Campaigners will have to talk about themselves using signboards and billboards instead. Furthermore, the bigger challenge is that the Amish hold very conservative views in regards to alcohol, divorce, homosexuality and other such core Christian issues. This means that their beliefs will stand against the views of most other groups who politicians hope to tap as a vote bank.

Trump has decided to take on this challenge and try to win over the Amish despite the obstacles. Around 70,000 Amish live in Pennsylvania, of whom 35,000 have attained the legal age to vote. Trump is gearing up to get this number over to his side. However, as a man who has had multiple divorces, it remains a big question as to how he will connect to a people who are outright opposed to divorce and remarriage. Moreover, the Amish have religion as the focal point of all their activities. As such, how Trump, who is not openly a religious candidate, will gain their confidence is another point of contention. The Amish are known to have supported George W. Bush because he was deeply rooted in religion. The same cannot be said to be true of Trump.

The Plain Voters project is trying to introduce Trump to the Amish as a candidate who is sensitive to their cause. So far around $40,000 have been allocated towards campaigning in the Amish areas using traditional media like flyers, billboards and posters. As a very difficult vote-bank to capture, gaining the support of the Amish will prove a crucial point in Trump’s campaign.


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