Denilofs claims he was just doing a “show”

The Greater Los Angeles Area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) has come out against a Council Ward Candidate named John Dave Denilofs . Denilofs made comments in a video on YouTube that is harmful, malicious, and hateful. In them, Denilofs says Muslims should be killed as should people flying the flag of other countries as well as many others. He has no problem using the N-word to describe black people and has appealed to a White Lives Matter supporter.

In short, he is a very controversial figure that is trying to rehabilitate his image ahead of the coming elections. Specifically, Denilofs is putting a spin on the video by claiming the comments aren’t his real opinions but a form of social experiment where he goes to show that people aren’t as bad as they seem. For example, in a recent interview he said, “If I say ‘kill Mexicans’ and I’ve got 99% of the people disagreeing with me, I’ve proved the world is not that bad.” He also claimed he would block the people who did agree with such views on his Facebook page, although he still refused to recognize the fact he could have been putting negativity into the world at large.

The justification isn’t sticking with his critics, and now the CAIR-LA is speaking out against him. Although he has Vietnamese ancestry, Denilofs identifies as a white man, and his views consistently seem to put him at odds with foreigners, especially immigrants that appear ungrateful in his eyes.

Now that the news regarding his past views has come to light, the candidate is saying the videos were nothing more than shows. They were designed for entertainment and satire rather than meant to be taken at face value. However, without a disclaimer or anything at the beginning of the videos to classify them, there are few other ways that the media could be taken other than hateful.
When asked about how he thinks he should react and move forward Denilofs said “I don’t know what to say to my voters. Do I apologize? No, I can’t, because at the time that I did it, I was doing a show.”

Even though he is sticking to his guns on the matter, CAIR-LA is saying that his bigotry and intolerance should not be supported now or during the election that is coming on June 4, 2019.


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