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Buddhist Says Meditation is Scientifically Proven to Make Your Life Better

Buddhist master says science proves meditation improves the quality of lives.

Famous Buddhist monk Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, the propagator of Tergar meditation, says scientists have discovered the power of meditation to alter mental states and increase happiness[/tweetit] levels. In an interview, he said the reason why everyone is not equally happy is because each person has a different baseline happiness. This baseline was thought to be unchangeable for a very long time. However, he says science has proved the ability of meditation to change this baseline so people can experience happiness more easily and overcome negative emotions.

Buddhist Says Meditation is Scientifically Proven to Make Your Life Better[/tweetthis]

He gave the example of winning the lottery. According to the meditation master, a person who wins the lottery may be happy for some time, but there is a limit for this happiness. The same is true, he says, for every other matter as well. He insists meditation can change these aspects for the better, helping people experience happiness at a deeper level and for longer periods of time.

The monk drew more parallels between Buddhism and science, saying the two are not very mutually exclusive. He said both are on a quest to discover things. The only difference is while science does not know how to use its discovered knowledge effectively, Buddhism does. He also added Buddhists have always been saying the same things science says today, like the impermanence of everything.

Mingyur Rinpoche is one of Buddhism’s most popular and beloved teachers of meditation. He says that he was always drawn to a life of meditation and contemplation, which eventually led him to lead a life of retreat and silent seclusion. He suffered from a severe anxiety disorder at a tender age of 8 and was cured of it by Tergar meditation. Born in 1975 in the Himalayas between Nepal and Tibet, Rinpoche was only 17 years old when he was invited to be a teacher of meditation at the monastery where he was residing. It is very rare for someone so young to be offered such a prestigious position.

Today, Rinpoche has meditation centers all over the world across five continents. Rinpoche has always had an interest in Western Science and Psychology, in which he even holds a degree.

Rinpoche believes that with time, more and more people will be attracted to meditation, thanks to the scientific evidence backing the effectiveness of meditation in promoting mental well-being.


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