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Buddhist Monk Mummified and Covered In Gold

Beloved Buddhist Monk Fu Hou was enshrined in gold and placed near the temple to be worshipped.

A Chinese monk who breathed his last breath in 2012 was encased in gold leaf to be used as a shrine. Fu Hou, the concerned monk, spent a major part of his life meditating inside Chongfu Temple in Quanzhou city, southeastern China. The temple recognized his dedication towards Buddhism and had him mummified after he died. The objective was to inspire others of the Buddhist faith to follow his dedication. Buddhism was brought to China from the Indian subcontinent about 2,000 years ago.

Buddhist Monk Mummified and Covered In Gold.[/tweetthis]

The abbot of Chongfu Temple, Li Ren, said that after the monk died, his body was first washed and then two mummification experts went over it. The body was then sealed inside a big pottery jar with it in a sitting position. When the jar was opened, during the appropriately named “Open Cylinder” ceremony, a large number of people had gathered to see the spectacle. The video showed the concerned experts deftly removing the material that wrapped around the body of the monk.

Li Ren said that the body of the monk exhibited little deterioration other than dried skin. There is a belief among local Buddhists that if a monk is truly virtuous, then the body of the monk will continue to be intact post mummification. The body was first sterilized and then painted. To make the body a good specimen, it is first washed thoroughly with alcohol. It is then encased with lacquer and gauze. The last layer is the gold leaf gilding. After the process was completed, the statue was placed on the mountain so that the people can worship it. The temple itself is located at the top of the hill.

Fu Hou started his Buddhist spiritual journey when he was 13 years old. He continued to practice the faith to the day he died when he was 94. The monk was liked by all, and according to peers, had a kind heart.

Hou was regarded as an excellent preacher. He took the decision to preserve his body before his death. This is the reason the temple abbot ordered mummification quickly after he died and was placed inside a jar. If all goes according to plan, he will be robed and then positioned inside a glass case. This case, and its contents, will be fortified by an anti-theft device.


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