Bethel Church Aims to Donate $1,000,000 to Families that Lost Their Homes in Carr Fire

Bethel Church responds to wildfire with a “God-sized step of faith.”

California-based Bethel Church, one of the biggest and most influential churches in America, has announced they will donate $1,000 to each household that has lost their primary residential home in the Carr fire , in Redding, California. The megachurch calls this decision a “God-sized step of faith.”

The devastating Carr fire is now the sixth most destructive fire the state of California has ever experienced in its entire history. Seven people have lost their lives as a result and about 170,000 acres of land have been overtaken, as reported by the west coast state’s fire agency, CalFire.

Commenting on their decision to help the affected families, Bethel Church said they are blessed to have people across the globe who pray for them, support in any way and donate without any hesitation. Christians all over the world are joining hands to support a cause no individual can carry alone, they said. The church, which has thousands of members, also added that they are reaching out to people everywhere to “be the hands of Christ” to their city.” Whether the amount needed comes from gifts and donations or from the finances of the church, we are committed to help those in need, the church said.

When Bethel Church first decided to offer $1,000 to the fire-affected families, the number of homes reported was only about 150 to 200. However, because the fire is spreading so fast, the number has increased to more than 1000 homes, meaning that the Church will have to raise more than $1,000,000. Even though this may sound challenging, they believe it is doable.

A few days after the fire started, Bethel Church was initially under heavy criticism for not opening its doors to those who have lost their homes. However, the church claimed they offered to do so but were rejected because their church was so close to the fire and since there is only one road leading in and out, it wouldn’t be safe for housing people. The Red Cross has confirmed that this was actually the case.

Bethel Church senior leader, Bill Johnson says the overwhelming amount of support they have received is a sign of “God’s power being released across the city.” He added that God will restore the damage done at a higher level.


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