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BBC New Show ‘Year of Beliefs’ Explores the Complexities of Religion in the UK

BBC New Show 'Year of Beliefs' Explores the Complexities of Religion in the UK
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Examining faith and values in the UK

The BBC is launching a series of programs which will examine faith, values, and belief in modern Britain.[/tweetit] The series will broadcast for a year and cover a society the corporation has described as increasingly diverse and complex. It is, as the program will discover, more divided than anytime in UK history. The BBC will initiate a major survey which will delve into attitudes towards contentious issues and multiple ethical dilemmas.

BBC New Show ‘Year of Beliefs’ Explores the Complexities of Religion in the UK[/tweetthis]

The BBC’s Year of Beliefs commissions include single documentaries along with the series. The content includes science and religion, medical ethics, LGBT+, surrogacy, and circumcision. It will be broadcasted on radio and television. A major draw will be the fatwa which was issued against the author Salman Rushdie and its status 30 years after it was made. A nationwide survey will show the current divisions in faith, age, and geography in the United Kingdom.

The list of programs planned for 2019 include ethical and religious content like Too Gay for God, a program that specifically explores the place of the LGBTIQ+ community in Christianity, specifically within the Church of England. The program Pregnant and Platonic will show its viewers the new occurrence of co-parenting. Tom Daley will explore the surrogacy issue in Britain. The BBC will air Welcome to the Bruderhof a single episode documentary, showing a village which is the place of residence for 300 Christians who exist as a hive of Christ’s disciples. This community ignores the convenience of mobile phones and motor cars.

The producers of Year of Beliefs said the BBC will go on making its ethical and religious programming. Christian worship will be offered with live coverage and it will continue to be a major part of the content generated by the broadcaster. Charlotte Moore, the director of BBC Content, said the program series will capture the complex mosaic of beliefs and faiths in modern Britain. The audience will be offered a place to celebrate and share their personal beliefs and also comprehend better the innate meaning of other beliefs and faiths. They will also explore important ethical issues impacting people’s lives. Moore said she is excited at the huge breadth of content all across 2019 and hopes the audience will be inspired by the fresh insight into the rapidly changing present day world.


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