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Does A Banana Prove God’s Existence?

Does A Banana Prove God Existence?

New Movie The Fool About Ray Comfort and The Banana Fallacy

Bananas: delicious fruit, Gwen Stefani anthem, and possibly the proof that God exists? Ray Comfort, a New Zealander Christian, has been making this argument for 20 years.

Does A Banana Prove God Existence?[/tweetthis]

His position is that God created the banana for humans. It is meant to be used by an opposable thumb, is shaped for the human mouth, and is easily identifiable by its color to be edible.

Still not convinced? So are many Atheists. In fact, Comfort’s arguments have been so routinely attacked in the religious debate about Creationism that they have created their own term to describe them: the “banana fallacy.”

But Comfort has not been discouraged. In fact, he has partnered up with Kirk Cameron, former actor and Christian spokesperson, to release a movie about his crusade to prove the existence of God. Titled The Fool it is set to be released to the public in 2018. It happens that Comfort has realized the humor in what he has argued and is now finding different avenues to discuss faith. In the trailer’s intro, he describes himself as “the laughing stock of atheists worldwide.”

The trailer continues on with a montage of notable atheists such as Richard Dawkins, Hemant Mehta (The Friendly Atheist), David Silverman of American Atheists, and a slew of vague complimentary quotes from members of religious organizations. It is unclear if the movie will continue to be about bananas or find different ways to show scientific proof about the existence of God.


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