Shaffer liked the role he played and admired the fictional character.

Atticus Shaffer made viewers laugh with his antics as he portrayed “Brick.” The character is the youngest of three fictional children playing important character roles in The Middle, a popular long-running sitcom on ABC. For Shaffer, his on-screen portrayal has just come to a close. The last episode of The Middle was broadcasted on May 22.

Atticus Shaffer is an outspoken Christian who is not afraid to openly share how faith has guided him when he was embroiled in difficulties. The 19-year-old professional actor was afflicted with osteogenesis imperfecta, the scientific name for brittle bone disease from birth. It is a genetic disorder causing extreme pain to the person who has it. The characteristic of this disease is that bones can break easily.

Shaffer revealed on camera in a media interview that his painful condition pushed him to think deeply about salvation and God. The realization came when he was only 15 years old. He claimed that he knew he must take a side. He had to have knowledge of the Lord and must know where he stands. He got baptized in 2015. Shaffer never looked back while he continued his struggles. He had his share of triumphs and struggles in his journey, all the while depending on faith.

The actor noted that his pain and the struggles due to the genetic disorder have made him much more compassionate and empathetic. He had- and continues to- endure extreme pain. He said that he understands pain extremely well. Shaffer pointed out that he had multiple fractures in his life. He had rods, plates, and screws placed in his legs. All of these have led to his back being in an s-curve. He said that there have been situations in his life where one must depend on God. He also discussed Brick, the character he played for nine seasons. The actor described the fictional character as a role model. According to him, Brick epitomized authenticity. The latter is needed in present times.

Shaffer admitted that he will miss The Middle's cast and crew as they became a family all through the years. The discussion soon veered towards the ability of the show to remain true to its moral pillars. These made the show a safe primetime viewing for the complete family.


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