Atheists Demand Membership In Boy Scouts of America

Non-Believers Argue Now Is The Time To Fight Exclusion

The Boy Scouts of America have gradually accepted members of the LGBTQ community into its ranks. Girls have now also been included in what some call a controversial move to combat a decline in membership. The change has been so substantial that Boy Scouts of America will change its name to Scouts BSA.

The inclusion of these groups has increased membership numbers. However, some groups have been openly hostile to the changes. The Mormon church has declared an end to the partnership with the Boy Scouts and pledged to form an independent organization. Other conservative Christians have left the organization as well, complaining of a violation of their religious freedom.

However, there is one group who is still excluded, atheists. The National Executive Board of the BSA adopted a resolution several days ago which emphasizes God’s importance and faith in the almighty among its members. The BSA’s official oath begins with “On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God.” The organization has officially stated that a belief in God is a recruitment for membership.

The BSA’s adopted resolution acknowledged God to be the dominant and exclusive power in the universe. The BSA has evolved this interpretation over time to include religions beyond Christianity, but faith is required at some level to be a member.

Atheists have sharply criticized the BSA for its refusal to edit their laws to accommodate non-believers. Atheists argue that the exclusion should be grounds for removing any government funding of the organization.


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