Reverend Gretta Vosper is a self-proclaimed atheist.

Reverend Gretta Vosper, a United Church minister, faced an undocumented ecclesiastical hearing over her self-proclaimed atheism. But in a twist of events, her position is safe and secure.

A while back she had announced her plans to start a non-theistic congregation after some leaders in the church had decided on reviewing her position as a minister. This was because of her declared lack of belief in God.

The court hearing at which the church leaders were to argue that Gretta Vosper could no longer be a minister because of her non-belief was cancelled after a settlement was reached by both sides.

The dubbed “heresy trial” was settled out of court leaving her able and excited to lead her east-end Toronto worshipers.

The terms of the settlements have not been disclosed to the public, but this came during a week which was supposed to be full of routine preliminary motions. The church refrained from making any comments but gave an official statement stating the formal hearing had been cancelled.

It may seem controversial to have a secular minister, but it is important to note that Canada’s United Church allows LGBTQ+ people and women to become ministers. The church is well known for its “anything goes approach.”

There is no harm in a minister leading a church because their views aren’t in line with a specific faith, even if some disagree. Some believe if religious leaders were open about their doctrinal disagreements, we’d be better off than those who accept and do what they are told.


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