Ark Encounter Has Filed A Lawsuit Against Its Insurer for Rain Damage

Minor landslide caused $1 million in damage to the parks access road

A little excess rainfall over Northern Kentucky led to minor damage at the Ark Encounter park and is suing the insurance company to cover its repairing expenses. The barrier adjacent to the theme park failed due to a small landslide. Ark Encounter, the claimed real size copy of the Biblical Noah’s Ark cannot manage a more than average rainfall. Critics cannot help but point out the irony. The Noah’s Ark tale is described in all three Abrahamic texts-Christian, Islamic, and Jewish, as Noah’s vehicle to save not only his family but also the animal species of the world. According to the Bible, he brought two animals of every kind aboard the ship.

The rains over the region, however, cannot be described as Biblical by any stretch of the imagination. Williamstown, the community where the park is located, enjoyed about 50 inches of total rainfall, a little more than the annual average. This quantity of water was enough to result in a landslide which damaged one of the road’s protective barriers.

According to Ark Encounter, road repairing costs incurred was in the region of one million dollars, and the company has blamed poor road constructions for the damage and filed an insurance claim. The insurance company of the park has denied Ark Encounter’s claim to recover the expense, saying that the latter’s policy incorporates an exclusion for faulty workmanship or correcting design deficiencies. The disagreement resulted in the insurance provider to pay out a fraction of the one million. Ark Encounter, however, filed a lawsuit the rest of the insured amount. As per the latter, the insurance company has violated its contractual obligations and acted in bad faith. They claimed the insurance company also violated laws in Kentucky when they failed to offer further coverage.

It must be said that the replica of Noah’s Ark suffered minimal damage. The replica, first open to the public in 2016, is perfectly safe and is the reason a few Ark Encounter officials have requested the company to reconsider its lawsuit. Contrary to rumor, the boat structure remained undamaged. Whatever the scuffing on the boat, it was not due to the rains or the small temporary flood. The waters did not reach the ark as it is on bedrock. It was never at risk of collapse.


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