Ariana Grande's New Song "God Is a Woman" Sparks the Question: Why Do We Think God Is a Man?

The video features Ariana Grande in 18 different avatars.

Critics have already hailed the new video as a visual revolution, with the screen saturated with feminist imagery. The final scene was a particularly stunning rhapsody of pixels, where the singer offers a new reimagination of Michaelangelo's iconic "Creation of Adam." “God Is a Woman” is the third single off her new album.

The newest single is already very popular. It is by now the most viewed video of all other videos trending in July. Grande fans have repeatedly viewed the clip trying to identify the subtle nods among the more obvious ones in the fast-moving scenes. The video featured an eye-popping 18 different avatars of Ariana Grande. Topping the uniqueness of the video is a special vocal cameo made by Madonna.

The video is full of special effects. One of them is a scene where Ariana becomes the epicenter of the galaxy. It lasts for five seconds and shows the galaxy spinning around the singer. She swings her body, with the galaxy appearing similar to a hula hoop. Another scene, which lasts a considerable time longer at 16 seconds, shows her reclining naked in a watercolor pool. She waves her arms, and the watercolors drift and circulate around her as a result of the action.

Grande seems to have taken a cue from her fellow performer Taylor Swift when in a scene lasting 51 seconds, she deflects words like “annoying” and “fake” spoken by small men while sitting on what seems like a gargantuan French book. She clearly wants to convey her indifference to online trolls and defy those who claim to know the true identity of “real” Grande.

A memorable special effects scene comes to the screen when an image of Grande appears inside a flame. She appears to be on fire-literally. The singer is portrayed to dance on the top of a thin wax candle while the flame burns around her. She clearly sings of an intimate experience when she croons "you love it how I touch you." Grande presents a vision of the Almighty which could be an alternative to the normal image: God here is feminist and benevolent. She is also a perennial sensual pleasure source.


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