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Argentinian Woman Claims Jesus Appeared in Child’s Ultrasound


Argentinian woman says Jesus came to her in a dream, guided her family, and appeared in ultrasound.

A claimed “miraculous” ultrasound image has been circulating on the internet for some time now. It’s because aside from the visible image of the child in the womb, it also features a seemingly blurred apparition of Jesus Christ underneath.

Argentinian Woman Claims Jesus Appeared in Child’s Ultrasound[/tweetthis]

The ultrasound image belongs to Fanny, a religious Argentinian woman who has been struggling to bear a child because of her thrombosis condition. According to her, the ultrasound was taken during her 6th month of pregnancy last year as part of her medical checkup.

The 29-year-old expectant mother said there were no plans of undergoing the ultrasound but volunteer student doctors obliged her due to the delicacy of her current pregnancy and due to his multiple miscarriage history. As Fanny recounts “The 6 month scan was pretty strange because that day I had not planned to have an ultrasound.” The young doctor who became fond of his child’s adorable feet on the womb printed a copy of the ultrasound as a gift to her.

It wasn’t until she arrived at home that she noticed the Christ-like image situated just under the fetus. If someone will look at the ultrasound image in a religious perspective, he/she will certainly figure out the image of Christ. The lower dark area in the ultrasound resembles a face of a man with long and flowing hair and beard.

Fanny also noted that the “Messiah” has previously appeared in her dreams prior to the capturing of that controversial ultrasound image. She recognized these as signs that God has guided the family throughout her pregnancy duration. It also helped strengthened her faith “I will never lose faith. I put all my trust in God, who throughout the pregnancy gave me various signs.”

Right after the image was shared on social media, it went viral and received contradicting responses. There are those who agreed with Fanny’s observations while the critical ones cited that it’s only a product of imagination. Some even think that the darkened area resembles another thing or character.

The reported mother eventually gave birth on September 21, 2015 and named her daughter Alfonsia.


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