Archeologists May Have Found the Biblical City Where King David Sought Refuge

Research believe they found Ziklag

The stories of King David who slew Goliath have always been quite interesting to read in the Bible. Ruins have been discovered in Israel, which might be the settlement referred to in stories of King David after running away from Israel. Apart from slaying Goliath, King David is also infamous for being the ancestor of Jesus. The Bible describes Jesus as ‘son of David.’

The site of Khirbet Al-Rai has been excavated by researchers who are with the Israel Antiquities Authority. These researchers have said that they believe that the settlement they’ve discovered is perhaps the remnants of Ziklag.

The Bible tells the tale of how King David escaped Israel and King Saul by fleeing to Ziklag. In Ziklag, King David lived among the Philistines. The Philistines are believed to originate from the Mediterranean.

The team isn’t the first group of researchers who happened to look for the settlement. Many archaeologists out there have gone on several many excavations to find out more about the settlement. However, the team is certain that the settlement they’ve found is the real deal.

Hebrew University’s Head of the Institute of Archaeology, Yosef Garfinkel, has said that the name Ziklag is quite unusual in the vocabulary of names in Israel. Ziklag isn’t local Canaanite-Semitic. He went on to say that the name is actually a Philistine name. The name was given to the town by a foreign population of immigrants who came from the Aegean.

Large stone structures, as well as vessels, were found at Khirbet Al-Rai. These stone structures and vessels have been dated back to between the 11th and 12th centuries BC. Rooms with pottery vessels were found. Researchers believe that these rooms were destroyed in a large fire.

Only time will tell if the team’s find is the real deal or not.


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