Archbishop Justin Welby holds the Church responsible for anti-semitism being “entrenched” in UK Culture.

The problem of rising anti-Semitism has now been recognized in the UK. It is an issue social media websites like Twitter and Facebook have been wary about in the U.S. Anti-Semitism seems to be a problem more widely spread than otherwise thought. In the UK however, the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby holds the Church responsible for the steady rise of anti-Semitic rhetoric and behavior rather than social media.

The Archbishop made a strong claim that feelings of anti-Semitism are nurtured and promoted by Christianity itself. He also added it is nothing new to the English culture. In fact, he feels it has become “entrenched” deeply in English and European societies. He accused Christian teachings for playing key roles in wedging anti-Semitism deep into English society.

Rev. Welby condemned the conspiracy theories circulating which claim the whole world is controlled by a small community of people who are perpetually scheming against the world and society. He expressed his disappointment in how anti-Semitic feelings against the Jewish community are justified based on such absurd and baseless theories. He called anti-Semitism an “insidious evil” which has been “burrowed deep into British and European culture.”

The Archbishop insisted these anti-Semitic feelings are not new, and they have been part of British society for a very long time now. He mourns that anti-Semitism has gone so deep into British society and is urging Christians to recognize the role of their faith in spreading such hatred and to “repent” for how it has affected certain communities. Rev. Welby is also warning this change must come as soon as possible because “Anti-Semitism forms the very core of racism,” and its implications can be devastating for everyone.

The Archbishop shared his views in an article he contributed to a new booklet by the Holocaust Education Trust (HET). The booklet, titled Lessons Learned? Reflections on Anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. The booklet contains articles by various others including Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis and Cabinet Minister Sajid Javid. 


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