Answers in Genesis Founder Calls Evolution the "Religion of Death"

Answers in Genesis Founder Calls Evolution the “Religion of Death”

Answers in Genesis Founder Calls Evolution the "Religion of Death"

Ken Ham attacked the theory of evolution as a “religion of death.”

Answers in Genesis (AiG) President Ken Ham has added an attack on the Theory of Evolution as a “religion of death” to his busy 2016.

Answers in Genesis Founder Calls Evolution the “Religion of Death”[/tweetthis]

Ham and his AiG followers are Young-Earth Creationists, believing that our planet is only 6000 years old.

“Evolution is supposed to be a process involving death, death, and more death — death is a necessary part — death for everyone — it’s a religion of death,” Ham said recently on Twitter, reports the Christian Post.

Ham didn’t stop there. “Secularists accuse God of genocide ‘cause they won’t acknowledge our sin’s responsible for death, but Christ overcame death at the cross…Evolution’s a religion of death — evolution kills everyone. Christianity is a religion of life — through death and resurrection God gives life.”

The Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky, featuring a replica of Noah’s Ark built to the dimensions given in the Bible, is also the brainchild of Ham and AiG. In July, Ham gave Bill Nye “The Science Guy” a tour of the Ark, which not only contains models of the animals reported to have been present, but also dinosaurs.

As such, Nye noted that the Ark would lead to a generation of child who are “scientifically illiterate.”

There’s more controversy regarding the Ark Encounter…this time involving the separation of church and state. Kentucky first offered AiG an $18 million sales tax incentive for encouraging tourism in the Williamstown area, which was removed after a law suit by an atheist group, who stated that Kentucky was promoting religion with the incentive. But AiG brought litigation against the state of Kentucky and won in the U.S. District court, reinstating the incentive.

Outspoken atheist writer Hemant Mehta also commented on Ham’s declarations. “…evolution is an explanation of how the world works, not a prescription for how it ought to be.” Mehta finished his commentary by taking a shot at the world of religion, “You either accept [evolution] or you don’t. You either live in reality or you spend $92 million building a giant Ark for rational people to laugh at.”


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