American Youth Believe Muslims Are the Most Religiously Discriminated Group

ALISDARE HICKSON is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Shows Generational Divide On Treatment of Muslims by Trump

Recent polls among American youths have highlighted a surprising factor. According to a recent study, American youths have said they believe Muslims are the most religiously discriminated group in the United States. The general public also shows increased tolerance towards Muslims when compared to past years. The American youth demographic also feels that there is little or no cases of extremism by US-based Muslims. The youth also posted large numbers that are in disagreement with President Trump on immigrants and Muslims.

The poll revealed that roughly more than half of the United States of America’s population says that the media coverage of Muslims is unfair and unwarranted. The adult demographic also highlighted that Republicans view Muslims worse than every other religion.

According to results of a 2017 survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, American youths embraced Muslims at an 8% growth when compared to when the question was first asked in 2014. The study also showed that atheist joined Muslims in being less liked.

More than 44% of the youths interviewed believe that the tension between Islam and other stands stems from misunderstanding. The younger popular also believe that the general public has been brainwashed to associate Islam with terrorism.

Conversely, the study also found that the younger generation doesn’t agree with some aspects of Islam, especially when it comes to women’s rights and freedoms.

The Pew Research Center also said it found that any American youths believe Muslims face unique challenges in American society. One of the factors that was identified by millennials that contribute to the hardship are the comments by President Trump and his policies.


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