Donald Trump says only immigrants whose ideologies match with the American Constitution should be allowed into the country.

Controversial Republican nominee Donald Trump has called for stricter means to monitor and control the refugees who are seeking a place in America. At a speech on Monday he said that the nation should implement screening processes for refugees so that they can find out which of the refugees should be admitted into the nation or not.

The Republican Nominee is already controversial for his views and remarks on immigrants and Muslims. Often called a “bigot," Trump has been criticized for the intolerance and hatred toward Muslims that he has displayed at his public addresses. This time, he made it into the news for his call for a tough screening process to filter out refugees who do not believe in the American Constitution and have a secret intention of spreading hatred and bigotry. Trump has traditionally been known for his assertions that terror attacks are directly connected to refugees and Muslims. His new statement only echoes his past views

America has taken in 38,901 Muslim refugees in 2016 which is more than half of the total number of refugees who have been taken in by the nation since October 2015. The second highest number of refugees are from the Christian community at 37,521. Refugees account for a very small number of the American population, roughly estimated at 1 to 10. Of this population, 46 percent of the refugees are Christians while 32 percent are Muslims, since the year 2002.

Trump now wants a stricter process in place to filter these refugees. He asserted that the ideologies of the applicants should be examined more closely and those who ideologies do not match with the Constitution should not be accepted. Anybody who adheres strongly to the Sharia laws or beliefs that are in opposition to the democratic ideas of America should be filtered out, he added on.

Trump has always called for a complete ban on immigrants and refugees from Islamic countries. However, he has now taken a softer stand on this issue following the backlash and criticisms that he faced. He now says that if brought to power, he will place only a temporary ban on immigrants from countries that have a history of sending radical and religiously charged refugees into America.

While the number of refugees coming to America steadily is on the rise, it is a matter of time before we see what kind of screening processes are put into forces. As of now, it remains difficult for American authorities to pinpoint and say that the statistics which they have released regarding the number of Muslim immigrants is exactly accurate due to loopholes in the process.


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