Alabaster is A New Bible for the Instagram-Obsessed

Alabaster is A New Bible for the Instagram-Obsessed

Alabaster is A New Bible for the Instagram-Obsessed
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Alabaster – The Beautiful Bible with photos to attract modern readers raises over $40,000 on Kickstarter.

The traditional Bible, full of archaic verse and traditional codes, has been revised in the new project Alabaster. These new Bibles are sleek, carefully designed and filled with high quality, meaningful photographs to enhance visual the visual experience. This Bible seems to be the most fitting remake of the scriptures at a time when communication and daily life is going more and more towards visuals, virtual living and sensory stimulation.

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Designed by Brian Chung and Bryan Chung, who share a deep devotion to the gospels of Christ apart from their names, these Bibles have been re-imagined to bring the message of Christ to the modern generation. The duo designed the Bible by keeping the visual imagery as the main focus. They tried to recreate in pictures what the verses say, and went about creating art and shooting photographs that have been incorporated into the Bibles. Most of the pictures were taken by Bryan, who happens to be a professional photographer.

The duo revealed that their aim behind creating a Bible like this was that they wanted readers to have images side by side with the narratives. They believe that the current generation is more inclined towards aesthetic, elegant beauty and art. As such, the new Bibles will appeal to them greatly. They also hope that the Bibles would not only attract Christians, but also non-Christians who are on a spiritual quest.

For now, four Alabaster books have been brought out, one for each gospel- Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. The very name 'Alabaster' comes from the Gospels, in which a woman breaks a jar of alabaster perfume and applies it on Jesus' feet. The cover of each book features a piece of alabaster. Alabaster was traditionally used for beauty purposes in the times of Jesus. As such, they feel that it is only apt that alabaster be the theme for the four books.

Bryan and Brian took everyday objects, and friends as their models for the photos. They credit the stunning visual imagery used in the gospels as their inspiration behind the project. For them, the whole process of bringing visual imagery to the Gospels was a spiritual process in which they discovered the ways in which the artists in them could meet their strong Christian beliefs. 


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