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This Agnostic Former Mormon is Going to Be the Next Prime Minister of New Zealand

Agnostic Mormon to become next Prime Minister of New Zealand
ULYSSE BELLIER is licensed under CC BY 2.0
The profound feminist, Jacinda Ardern, is adored on social media.

Jacinda Ardern, who is the head of New Zealand’s Labour Party, is on the verge of becoming the state’s next Prime Minister. This conclusion came about after last month’s elections when New Zealand’s ruling National Party led by Prime Minister Bill English secured only 54 seats. Ardern’s Labour Party managed to be in the lead just a few days ago when the 9-member NZ First Party formed a coalition with them. With this new development, it means that Ardern is on her way to becoming the next Prime Minister of New Zealand, the third woman to ever hold the role. She is turning heads following her recent popularity.

This Agnostic Former Mormon is Going to Be the Next Prime Minister of New Zealand[/tweetthis]

Ardern had been the leader of the Labour Party for just two and a half months, and the meteoric rise in her party was astounding. She turned an otherwise dull election into a major flip over of the usual. The profound feminist is adored on social media. In an interview earlier this year, she said that she’s not religious and in fact became an agnostic in her 20s. She said that she left the Mormonism following its anti-gay prejudice. She went ahead to say that she could not subscribe to a religion that did not account for the gay community – further referring to her three gay friends who she was living with in her 20s. She believes that people should freely have their personal beliefs and not be judged for them.

Ardern insisted that she cannot see herself associating with an organized religion such as Mormonism again. She does not criticize or favor anyone based on their religious stands or lack thereof but instead respects each person’s take on them. This trait has made her famous among many, as they are thrilled to see another agnostic in authority. Despite all the excitement from people on Ardern being one other of the few agnostic leaders (or non-theists), the young leader still needs to prove her capability as a worthy political leader.


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