Advertisement Showing Jesus as A Sausage Roll Causing Controversy

GWYDION M. WILLIAMS is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Greggs Bakery Being Threatened With Boycott

The United Kingdom bakery chain, Greggs, is being criticized by evangelical religious groups over its new advertising campaign.

They have a new holiday calendar featuring the nativity scene with the baby Jesus being replaced with a sausage roll. There is no other picture in the calendar with any overt religious scene in it.

The controversy started on the Greggs Facebook page where a vigorous debate started. Some individuals thought the advertising was a parody, and did not think it was worth being upset about. Other groups called the advertisements “sick” and an insult to religions.

Most of the comments against the advertising were in the minority. It led to a small, but vocal group of individuals calling for a boycott of the chain. The company has refused to remove the ad but has apologized for any issues that may have been caused by the ad.


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