7 Pieces of Evidence That Jesus Was Resurrected from the Dead

Taking a look at 7 pieces of evidence Jesus was resurrected, ahead of Easter weekend.

Jesus Christ was crucified by the Jews, and he rose from the dead on the third day. Many non-Christians do not agree that Jesus resurrected. The following are the seven pieces of evidence that Christians use to prove that Jesus really resurrected as it forms the basis of the Easter holiday celebrations.

1. The empty tomb

As Jesus has predicted that he will be alive in the next three days, the followers of Jesus went to check his grave and anoint his Holy body. To their surprise, the huge stone that was at the tomb entrance was rolled away, and the tomb was empty.  The Jews failed to locate the remains of Jesus because he had already resurrected.

2. Paul was transformed

Paul experienced a transformational account during a conversation between him and Saul. He also experienced a mighty power in his encounter with Jesus Christ on his way to Damascus. The Bible says in the book of Acts that Jesus had a conversation with Paul. "And he said, 'Who are you, Lord?' And the Lord said, 'I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.'’ The resurrected Christ changed the story of Paul.

3. The Scripture had predicted the resurrection

The Bible has several scriptures that provide similar content/testimonies about Jesus experiences with Peter and other disciples after his resurrection. The gospel in the books of Matthew, Mark, John and Luke shares a lot about the life of Jesus and the way he will rise from the dead and provide eternal life to the saints.

4. Testimonies

After Jesus had resurrected, some women had come to check him at the tomb. He told them to stop looking him from the dead since he had already conquered death. Other testimonials were given by his disciples and Thomas, who wanted to be shown the nails marks on Jesus’ hands in order to believe that he had resurrected. The witnesses were willing to die as martyrs for their claims about Jesus Resurrection.

5. The Disciples shared their experiences with Jesus

After Jesus resurrection, he met with his disciples, and he assured them that he had ascended to his Father in heaven to prepare a place for his followers. The disciples were the filled with Holy Spirit, and they were moved by Jesus resurrection which empowered them to start the Christian Church and spread the Gospel of eternal life which comes after the resurrection.

6. Jesus public execution confirmed that he died

After Jesus had declared that he was the King of Jews, the crowd demanded that he be crucified, and Pilate ordered for a public execution. He was crucified together with two thieves. Upon his death, his body was later taken and buried in a tomb. Despite the high security that was allocated to the grave, Jesus body was found missing on the third day.

7. His resurrection Rubber-stamped his miracles

When Jesus was executed, the crowd mocked him claiming that he was able to help other people, yet he was not able to save his own life. Little did the crowd know that Jesus had already predicted his death. After his death, there was darkness, a sign which signified that he did not just die a normal death. Three days after his death, Jesus resurrected and he rose to heaven, and the crowd that mocked him was amazed by his mighty power of conquering death.


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