Trump has the Approval of Over Half of U.S. Mormons

However, he is less popular than President George W. Bush among Mormons.

The Pew Research Center published U.S. President Donald Trump's approval score among many American religious groups. There was not much surprise to see Trump received the highest rating from white evangelical Protestants. Sixty-nine percent of this religious and ethnic denomination supported current presidential policies. Pew Research also shone a light on the Mormons, a group, which like white evangelical Protestants, were thought to be die-hard supporters of GOP presidents and presumably their policies. However, the president received an overall lower rating of 52 percent. A large chunk of Latter-day Saints members; 39 percent, registered their disapproval of Trump. Ten percent of the polled Mormons have no opinion.

According to Gregory A. Smith, the Associate Director of Research at Pew, when the statistics of all the 11 approval surveys conducted from the time Trump got elected was surveyed, a few trends emerge out of the jungle of data. The data says it all: Trump enjoys higher political traction among Mormon men compared to Mormon women. Compared to 63 percent of the Mormon male population supporting Trump, only 42 percent of women approve of the president. The number of women disapproving Trump was also higher at 45 percent compared to 32 percent of men. Fourteen percent of Mormon women held no opinion. In men, the same was held by five percent. The religious group’s political chart reflects the general public when it comes to political views as per the age of the respondent. Considerable differences exist between the voting patterns of younger Mormons and their senior counterparts.

Fifty-nine percent of Mormons over 50 years of age support Trump and 33 percent disapprove. When it comes to Mormons under 50 years of age, 46 percent have given their approval to Trump, and 43 percent will vote against him in case of a snap election. The “No Opinion” box was ticked by eight percent of above 50 Mormons and 11 percent of younger ones.

The Pew data also showed that Trump had received lower ratings compared to his immediate Republican predecessor, George W. Bush. About three-quarters of Mormons during the Bush presidency approved of the then president of the United States of America. Only half of the numbers now support President Trump. These numbers, however, are higher than those of Democratic Party member and President Barack H. Obama who received the support of only 28 percent of Mormons.


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