Meat Nativity scene. "I was very reluctant to cook it. But the lighting in the oven was surprisingly good for photos." -Greg Chow

Meat Nativity scene. “I was very reluctant to cook it. But the lighting in the oven was surprisingly good for photos.” -Greg Chow

Here are some of the strangest nativity scenes out there.

Christmas is just a few days away! And with Christmas being so close at hand, nativity scenes are popping up everywhere. Although atheist groups are protesting the religious iconography in Christmas and rapture theorists are suggesting the world will come to an end this Christmas, Christians are undaunted in indulging in recreating nativity scenes.

But at a time when creativity is taking on really weird forms in every sphere, could the humble nativity scene be spared?

Mark Oestreicher, a Christian author, has been going around making a list of all the weird nativity scenes that he has seen. Here are five of the weirdest scenes from his original list of 70:

1. Meat nativity scene:


This is definitely one of the most unusual things that you could ever come across this Christmas. Everything from the manger to the Christ child is made of meat. It’s hard to say what the maker was thinking, but perhaps it can be safely guessed that the idea was to make something that was good to see, and good to eat as well!

2. Negativity nativity:


This scene is not on this list so much for the toy-like figurines as for the facial expressions that they have. All the figurines look angry and hostile, making it one of the weirdest things to display at a festival like Christmas.

3. Minimalist nativity:


This has to be the most simple nativity scene ever. All it has is the Holy Family of Nazareth made of nothing but labeled blocks of wood. The artist has not even made a pretense of trying to give the wooden pieces any form or shape.

4. Frog nativity scene:


This is another nativity scene that will make you wonder why it was made. Whatever it may be, the fact that everything, including the camels of the wisemen are made of frog figurines makes this nativity scene a real Christmas wonder.

5. Hipster nativity scene:


This scene is not special because of the unusual materials it is made from or how it is made. This scene made it to this list because it’s an accurate description of the modern world. With a Joseph in jeans clicking a selfie of his family, with Mary posing with the “duck face” and peace sign with her fingers, the hipster nativity scene is definitely one that will surprise and stun the viewer.


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