35% of White Evangelicals Support Trump Because He is Not Clinton

Pew Research reveals why evangelicals support Trump

Religion is a key factor that presidential nominees are playing on in their race to win. Be it supporting certain traditional religious ideologies like anti-abortion and anti-gay rights, or be it in casting a minority religion as a national threat, religion has become the hot topic of discussion this election season. It is of particular interest to understand how religious Americans are going to respond to each candidate. While Clinton has displayed open support for abortion rights (which has not gone well with religious citizens), Trump has married thrice. What then is the religious American having in mind?

To answer this very question, Pew research conducted a study on supporters of Trump. The fact that so many white evangelicals support Trump, despite his obvious non-religious life, has always been a matter of great confusion for those who have been observing the election race closely. However, their animosity for Clinton, a very ambiguous reason, seems to be driving the evangelicals to support Trump. In other words, evangelicals are supporting Trump simply because he is the opponent of Clinton, whom they see as the more undeserving candidate.

Nearly 35 percent of the respondents have admitted they support Trump simply because he is the alternative to Clinton. Other reasons that they revealed include his viewpoints on the various issues faced by American society. Supporters mentioned that they feel Trump is the more ideal choice because he addresses his issues as they are, rather than polish his words. They believe that as a person who takes note of situations directly and addresses them point blank, he has the necessary skills to lead the nation. It is interesting to note that a similar response was given by supporters of Clinton- when asked why they back her, they said that they do so simply because she is not Trump.

In general, Trump's take on terrorism is what is making him so popular. Eight in ten white evangelical supporters revealed that his views on terrorism have influenced their support. 78 percent of evangelicals in general said that he has really good policies for the nation's economy. 76 percent stated that they simply dislike Clinton.

Other reasons include his stand on immigrants, his lack of experience in government positions, or simply because of his personality.


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