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The 2020 Edition of The Muslim 500

m500-2020-edition-cover-header-finalA press release put out by The Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre announced:

The 2020 Edition of the annual publication ‘The Muslim 500: The World’s 500 Most Influential Muslims’ has just been released. This is the 11th annual issue produced by the Royal Islamic Strategic Studies Centre, Amman, Jordan.

The 2020 edition of the must-own book about the movers and shakers in the Muslim World is now available. The Muslim 500 and its complementary website ( have become the world’s premiere source for a listing of the world’s most influential Muslims.

The Top 50 most influential Muslims are listed along with their photos, bios and pertinent information on why they are influential.

The remaining 450 names, with a short bio, are listed in one of 13 categories:
1. Scholarly
2. Political
3. Administration of Religious Affairs
4. Preachers & Spiritual Guides; Philanthropy
5. Charity & Development
6. Social Issues
7. Business
8. Science & Technology
9. Arts & Culture
10. Qur’an Reciters
11. Media
12. Celebrities & Sports
13. Top Extremists

Our Chief Editor, Prof Abdallah Schleifer writes about the two Persons of the Year. This year they are: HE Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and Representative Rashida Tlaib of USA.

Our Guest Contributing Editor, Omayma El-Ella, writes A Selected Survey exploring events affecting Muslims over the past year in: West and Central Africa; China; Kashmir; Sri Lanka; Rohingya; Indonesia and Malaysia; and Oceania.

The Guest Contributions section has ten exclusive articles covering a wide range of topics including a spoken-word piece from Riz Ahmed.

Other sections include Book Reviews; Major Events timeline; Populations Statistics and Social Media Statistics .

A FREE PDF version can be downloaded at: There are also two options for purchasing the book.

More details can be found here

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