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A 20-Ft Barnacle Covered Wooden Cross Washed Up on Ft. Lauderdale Beach

20-Ft Barnacle Covered Wooden Cross Washed Up on Ft. Lauderdale Beach
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Michigan family discovers enormous wooden cross on Florida Beach

Little did the beachgoers of Fort Lauderdale know that they would witness something extraordinary last Saturday afternoon. A family from Michigan found a gigantic wooden cross washed up on the shore. Several people couldn’t believe their eyes, as this was a rare occurrence. Some of the residents claimed the appearance of the holy symbol as a sign, “divine timing,” and the ultimate answer to prayer.

A 20-Ft Barnacle Covered Wooden Cross Washed Up on Ft. Lauderdale Beach[/tweetthis]

However, this isn’t the first time for something unexpected to turn up in the shores of Florida. Last year, Mark Anthony, a beachcomber, came across a wooden hull which was hundreds of years old. He found it on St. John’s County’s Ponte Vedra Beach.

During the same year in September, there were reports of bricks of marijuana washing up in the regions of Daytona Beach. The police had to apprehend an individual for not reporting a block after finding it. Officials speculate it could be from a wrong airplane drop or a vessel damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

When the family stumbled upon the wooden cross, they couldn’t help but gaze at it. For several minutes, they didn’t have anything to say to one another. After inspecting the holy symbol, Greg Gay, one of the family members, concluded it was in the ocean for a while, due to the presence of barnacles all over it.

Mary Ann Smolinski, from Michigan, called the artifact spiritual. Several people started thinking about where this holy object came from, to get to the bottom of this mystery. Some believe it might be from the Florida Keys or Puerto Rico.

The owner of the hotel, Frank Talerico, claimed the appearance of this artifact is a symbol of protection. Talerico’s sister was at the property, praying to God, as she had a bad dream.

According to the family, they believe it is an indicator they were meant to find the wooden cross. Made of timber, the artifact is around 20 feet tall.

Talerico invited people to take a look at the wooden cross and take pictures with it.


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