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Over 1,700 Meals Donated by Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Florida

Scientology Volunteer Ministers serving meals
Scientology Volunteer Ministers serving hot meals in Greenwood.
Volunteer Ministers donated hot meals, ice, and water on Wednesday to help the community recover from Hurricane Irma.

The Church of Scientology Volunteer Ministers continue their disaster relief efforts in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, serving more than 1,700 hot meals for the Greenwood Community. The effort was like a massive barbecue, helping those devastated by the hurricane, most of which hadn’t eaten a warm meal since Saturday.

Over 1,700 Meals Donated by Scientology Volunteer Ministers in Florida[/tweetthis]

The Volunteer Ministers also handed out more than 2500 bags of ice and hundreds of jugs of water on Tuesday and Wednesday. Some staff picked up debris and protected the roof of Drew Ridge Apartments by covering it. The blowing hurricane caused the roof’s tar paper to crash into the cars at the bottom. Drew Ridge Apartment resident Dick Bieritz expressed his relief over the help. “I was flabbergasted. We’re very fortunate, because otherwise we’d still be sitting open.”

Several hurricane victims expressed their deep gratitude over the help they received from the Volunteer Ministers. “It means a lot that they care. They care about all the community, they care about me and what’s going on,” commented Jennifer Lee. “They raked my yard. They raked the whole street and packed it up and gave me three bags of ice. I can’t believe it,” said disabled veteran David Pooser.

According to residents, no outreach effort has been seen from private relief organizations, including the Red Cross and Salvation Army, while Scientology volunteers continue to make an impact, spending several days clearing up storm debris.

“We’re just doing whatever we can to relieve the burden and the disaster,” said Pat Harney, spokesperson for the Church of Scientology.


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