Pope Francis Assigned the First African-American Bishop to Head the D.C. Church

Profiles in Faith: Wilton Cardinal Gregory: First African American Cardinal Advocates for Ethics and Inclusiveness

Introduction In October 2020, when Pope Francis announced his selection of 13 new cardinals from eight countries as diverse as Rwanda, Chile, Brunei and

New Study Finds God Makes Religious People Less Depressed

Finding Hope in Dark Times by Margaret Dulaney

Many of you might have seen the little film by the Welsh Poet Tom Roberts called the Great Realization. Tom is reading a poem,

Today Jews Celebrate Lag B’Omer

Remembering a Better World By Blair Thomas

I remember as a young child of around four years old standing in my front yard and watching a squadron of planes flying in

New York Ends Measles Religious Exemption Vaccine

Vaccine mandates vs. religious beliefs — the legal arguments for the upcoming coronavirus lawsuits by Ross D. Silverman

The longer COVID-19 rages on, the more the United States appears to be hanging its hopes on the development and rapid, mass distribution of

Political and Religious Holograms

Lumpers lump things together and call them the same. Splitters make a point of differentiating things. So while a lumper might say “All women

Religious News From Around the Web August 31, 2020

Politics, Religion Confers Immunity from Moral Stupidity, Black Lives Matter Opposed, Xi Ramps Up “Sinicization” of Tibet, In-Person Worship Safe With Precautions, World's largest

QAnon – a New Religion or the Latest Stupidity?

QAnon is a conspiracy theory group – some call it an emerging religion – started by a mysterious figure and it is blowing up

Religious Liberty Under Attack and into Focus By Charles Franklin

One might suppose that religious liberty in the United States, would – like granite cliffs – withstand any ocean storm of legal assaults. It

Blasphemy a Capital Offense in Some Countries, Expunged in Others

In 1988 Salmon Rushdie published The Satanic Verses, a book which Muslims thought disparaged Islam. Riots broke out in Muslim countries, and shortly thereafter,

You Don’t Have to be a Supreme Court Justice to See a Thumb on the Scales By Charles Franklin

For those rational individuals who thought that the First Amendment kept government out of religious affairs, assured the people’s right to worship as they