President Obama’s visit to India challenges the nation on these key issues

President Obama spoke about the issues of religious freedom, economic equality and women’s rights during his trip to India. In what appears to be

National Sikh Campaign Members

60% of Americans know nothing about Sikh Americans

National Sikh Campaign publishes survey results showing the majority of Americans have no knowledge about Sikh Americans. Having lived on American soil for over

Nativity Manger

Examining Hollywood Christmas Myths: Do You See What I See?

Has Hollywood gone too far from the truth in their depictions of the bible's stories? MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. /Christian Newswire/ -- Do you see what

Religious Holiday Calendar

Deep Roots of Religious Persecution Go Beyond Maryland School District’s Holiday Calendar Mess

When we think of America's birth story our minds go to the very essence of a country that was founded upon “freedom of religion.”

Opinion: Millennials Eschewing Organized Religion

Physicist Lawrence Krauss thinks religion could go the way of homophobia with millennials largely removing themselves from religion. Lawrence Krauss, a noted physicist and

Respecting Families of Another Faith

Respecting Families of Another Faith

How learning about the beliefs of other religions can help us understand and connect with one another in a positive way. As parents, we

Gay vs Christian, human rights, lexington, Kentucky,

Human Rights Commission: “Christian business owners should leave religion at home!”

In a controversial decision, the Lexington Kentucky Human Rights Commission has sent a clear message to Christian business owners who refuse service to LGBT

Religion and Violence in the Middle East

Why can’t we all just get along? Religion and Violence in the Middle East

Atheist and Theist perspectives on the rising tension and violence in the Middle East. Escalating tensions in the Middle East point to religion as

11 Religious Figures Named Amongst The 100 Most Significant Americans Of All Time By Smithsonian Magazine

Meet the 100 most significant Americans of all time— Smithsonian Magazine (@SmithsonianMag) November 17, 2014 Smithsonian Magazine included 11 American religious figures

2014 Bad Year For Atheists?

Is 2014 a Bad Year for Atheists?

Though a little less than 4 months remain in 2014 I suspect New Year’s Eve celebrations can’t arrive soon enough for atheists in the