Westboro Baptist Church picketed outside Rowan County, Kentucky courthouse.

Kim Davis has come under fire again, and this time it's the Westboro Baptist Church that is at the other end. The Rowan County, Kentucky clerk previously came under the news radar after she did not grant marriage licenses to lesbian or gay couples last month. The Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriages earlier this year, so it did not come as a surprise that she was held in jail after the couples who were denied marriage licenses sued her. The clerk said that she would not get in the way of her fellow-employees who issued marriage licenses when she got out of jail.

You would think that the WBC and Davis would be on the same side going by their beliefs, but the latest turn of events says otherwise, even if it seems somewhat counter-intuitive. The WBC, which is open about its anti-gay beliefs, is all set to hold a demonstration at the Courthouse in Rowan County where Kim Davis works. The group elaborates the reason for the protest in a long-winded explanation on the site and through flyers especially designed for the picketing demonstration.

The main premise of the WBC's argument is that Davis committed adultery by remarrying multiple times. The group labeled her as a “fake Christian” for committing religious bigotry, and as being a self-righteous hypocrite for not acknowledging her own sins (read: divorce, remarriage), and instead pointing a finger at same-sex couples. They say that she should grant licenses for same-sex marriages to reap as she sows.

The church group accused of not conforming to her faith and committing sins, not once or twice, but multiple times, what WBC refers to as requires a scorecard to keep a tab. Davis has divorced thrice and married four times. The group specifies in its flyer that the man she lives with right now is not her husband, rather the Dwain Wallace, whom she married first is her husband. They say that this classifies her current relationship with whom she refers to as her husband as adultery, as Wallace is her spouse, and she is cheating on him. The WBC has actively been posting various tweets about Davis' self-righteous hypocrisy and referring to her as a faux-Christian. The group says that they hope to give her some advice on Christianity when they stage a protest on Monday.


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