Pagans want to stop Trump from causing harm

A prominent media house has reported that Pagans are holding monthly sorcery sessions to cast a “binding spell” on U.S. President Donald Trump. One prominent pagan, Amanda Yates Garcia, more famously known as “Oracle of Los Angeles,” was interviewed by Tucker Carlson of Fox News. In the interview, Garcia said the witches do not intend to harm Trump. However, they want to prevent the president from harming others.

Amanda Yates Garcia describes herself as a witch, energy healer, tarot card reader along with esoteric titles like “magical life coach” and “shamanic practitioner.” She also calls herself “Oracle of Los Angeles.”

Garcia said that binding spells are simply symbolic actions which are utilized to harness powers of imagination leading to a tangible result. She reiterated that the witches want Trump to desist from harming people which they care about. He must also stop instituting the policies which harm the helpless sections of American people.

When it comes to whether Trump should be worried about pagan practitioners harming his career and physical and mental condition, it is important for any Christian to reflect on what they are themselves. Majority of the people who describe themselves as witches or pagans may not be hostile to Christianity at all. They are tolerant of the religion even if they do not specifically like it. Even those persons who regularly describe themselves as Satanists may not see Satan as a prime source of evil. They may not have sold their soul to them. It is thus best to think of such pagans and witches as spiritual seekers and not marking them as enemies.

Moreover, there is no hard and fast rule that prayers done by pagans against President Trump will actually work. A big problem with Christian hostility to witchcraft is that it is assumed that paganism is exactly like Christianity. It follows that those who espouse this line of thinking believes that if Christians pray to God and if their prayers are answered, the same will be true for Satanists praying to Satan as well.

In short, President Trump should not worry about binding spells. Christians should not worry about them too. However, what we should worry about is God's righteous judgment. It is to be remembered that God really hears our prayers and then rewards are as per we deserve.


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