Trump Swears to Cut Planned Parenthood Funding

Micahel Vadon is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Trumps says if Planned Parenthood doesn’t stop conducting abortions, its government funding will end.

Affirming his firm stand against abortion, Republican nominee in the U.S. presidential elections, Donald Trump has announced that if he is voted president, he will stop funding Planned Parenthood. Trump, who has traditionally held a strong stance against abortion, as opposed to Hillary Clinton, said that if the health center does not stop conducting abortions, it would face defunding the very moment he enters the White House.

Trump sought to make crystal clear the different stands that he and Clinton take on the issue. In a letter addressed to America's pro-life leaders, the presidential candidate said that it was essential for the leaders to understand quite well the difference between him and her.

Trump also came down harshly on Clinton's support of abortions in the letter. He believes that Clinton's support to abortion is so great that she “doesn’t even try to hide her extremism.” Taking this as a sign of her unapologetic views that fetuses have no human rights, Trump heavily criticized her for being insensitive to unborn Americans.

Trump also promised that if voted, he will appoint justices to the Supreme Court who will not tolerate abortions. He also argued that the same will not be true of Clinton if she comes to power as he believes she would appoint judges who will support killing unborn babies. Trump has made it clear that he will not stand for abortions in America and will do everything in his power to prevent it.

LifeNews claims Planned Parenthood “kills 330,000 unborn babies a year.” He criticized this asking what good could ever come out of it. He ridiculed Clinton's view that religious beliefs would have to be modified to accommodate abortions.

The issue of abortion rights is a crucial factor in deciding the results of the elections. Trump’s letter attempts to establish where the two candidates stand.

Clinton was quoted to have said that the “unborn person does not have constitutional rights” under our current laws and that a woman shouldn’t have her right to make her own decision restricted. Trump, on the other hand, has promised to set up a Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, in a bid to bring late-term abortions to an end all across the nation.

While the two candidates differ in many other respects, few can be as sharp as their respective stands on abortion rights.


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