Source: screenshot

Source: screenshot

Femen protestors were kicked by men and dragged off the stage durign women in Islam conference.

Two topless FEMEN protesters recently stormed a conference stage which was having a discussion on Islamic women. There is a video of this incident, which shows that one of the female activists was kicked and pulled down the stage. This event took place in France. Both women belong to an activist group called FEMEN and the members of this group are popular for carrying out topless protests with expressions written across their chests.

The pair of women were seen running onto the conference stage while two Imams addressed the audience. They removed their clothing and grabbed the microphone. They had slogans written on their chests which translated into “Nobody submits me” and “I am my own prophet.” The identities of these women are still not known, but there is an idea that one of them is aged 25, while the other is 31.

FEMEN suggests the Imams on stage were giving a lecture on the topic of female enslavement.

A spokeswoman from the FEMEN protest group, Inna Shevchenko, told the media that this demonstration took place while the two imams (also termed as “fundamentalist preachers”) were having a discussion about Islamic wives getting beaten up by their husbands.

According to Shevchenko, there were some men who called them “dirty whores” and giving shout-outs to kill them. She expressed her thanks to the authorities for keeping both women safe after the demonstration.

As of now, the two women protesters have faced questioning by prosecutors. They have been released owing to an impending investigation.

The officials at the conference have stated that they have no plans of pressing charges against the two women. The organizers of the conference took the help of Facebook to gather support for what was left of the conference. It was organized in Pontoise, close to Paris. The organizers said that the activists came from a place of being victims of an anti-Muslim attack by the media.

The FEMEN group of protesters started in the year 2008 in the country of Ukraine. Since then, they have been a part of several topless protests. Some of the earlier protests of the FEMEN group include the disruption of a hearing at the Spanish parliament on abortion laws and protests against the May Day National Front speech that took place in France.


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