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The New Top Pro-Life Argument is Not Abortion: It’s Climate Change

Climate Change
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Christians around the world are again rallying for the pro-life cause. This time, though, the scene is a little different as they focus on climate change.

Christians across all denominations are coming together to show new support for protecting the earth from devastating climate change. They have said that it is absolutely crucial to put aside other agendas in the fight against the one thing that could truly mean the end of all life. Here we will explore this new collaboration and how it is affecting religious individuals around the world.

An Interesting Proposition

In a unique plea for life, Christians are asking their fellow religious adherents to begin caring about the water and the air. Although some people will immediately look for the political hook, there is none. Christian authors and philosophers argue that any person who claims to care about the sanctity of life must focus on the world around us so that it can continue to support God’s creation. As a result, Christians must take action against climate change. This unique idea has started to trend within many Christian churches and organizations, even gaining the attention of the Pope.

Pope Francis Weighs In

Already known as one of the most progressive individuals to inhabit the Vatican in some time, it comes as little surprise that Pope Francis engaged his followers in this latest Christian concept. Quite simply, he said that human beings are mistaken if they believe that they are the masters of creation. He referred to creation, earth, as a gift to humanity to treat well so that we can continue to draw life from its waters and soil. His gentle tone turned into a warning, as he said that creation is not as forgiving when it comes to incurring damage, especially when we witness the symptoms of climate change. In order to drive this message home, he referred to the God seeing the earth as being beautiful and good, and that it is up to humans to keep the world sound for the future.

Unlikely Alliances

From this new drive to focus on the condition of the earth there have been many unusual allies banding together. For example, the Interfaith Contingent has risen to take the lead in the new fight against climate change. People of all faiths are coming together to educate individuals and drive policies that will promote conservation in the future. While they have made marked success in reaching out to people and politicians in many countries, they still have their detractors. Still, it appears as though they will remain a key contributor in their quest to keep the planet safe for generations to come.


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