Apostolic Visitation 2014

The Vatican is expected to release the findings from a three-year Apostolic Visitation, or inquiry of nuns, on December 16.

Catholics in the United States have displayed dismay with the inquiry because they perceive it to be an attack on those who do the heavy lifting for the religion, specifically the Catholic nuns who have worked so hard to teach Catholics about the faith across a span of generations. Catholic nuns in the US also endure the most when running programs to reach out to their communities and help the poor and those on the margins of society.

Rev. Thomas Rosica announced that the findings would be released in a news conference scheduled to be held in Rome.  The press conference will be attended by several top Vatican officials, along with three Catholic nuns from the US.  Separate from the review, the Vatican had ordered that the undergo some changes, prompting a wave of support for Catholic nuns in the US from US Catholics and others who disagreed with the Vatican’s apparent disapproval of the organization.  The findings from the study cover several groups who are associated with the Conference; the Vatican made a review of some 400 orders to make an assessment regarding life quality of Catholic nuns in the US, whose numbers have been in severe decline for decades.

While Rev. Rosica did not consent to disclose any findings prior to the press conference, in an email he maintained that the release of the report would be “hopeful and encouraging” for nuns in the US.  He also expects the report to alleviate any lingering fears felt by the sisters who were the subject of the inquiry.


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