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Religious Organizations Respond to Nepal Tragedy


Nepal was devastated by an earthquake. Many religious groups are lending a hand including some charitable Buddhists and Christians.

The massive earthquake that devastated Nepal this past week has reached a death toll of over 4,000 people. As thousands of Nepalese-Americans struggle to reach their family members and friends in Nepal, many groups leapt to action to offer their prayers, as well as donations and equipment to make it through the latest tragedy. The earthquake hit just before noon, while many people were participating in various worship ceremonies. The Nepal culture is widely diverse, consisting of Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Animist practitioners. The earthquake was 16 times worse than the Haiti disaster in 2010, and Nepal’s worst since 1934.

Helping Nepal

One Facebook group of Tibetan Buddhists offers survivors aid and prayers, as well as to the monasteries in Nepal. The heart mantra for Avalokiteshvara is frequently repeated, something thought to summon the Buddhist Bodhisattva of compassion to those who need the help. The Convoy of Hope group, along with many other groups, have taken to the road to find the most needed supplies and deliver them. They have provided medical care, shelter, water and food to many families and survivors. World Vision has been distributing tarps, blankets, hygiene and cooking kits, sleeping bags and water purification tablets to those who need them. They are planning to create 15 spaces designated for children to learn and play while their families recoup. Samaritan’s Purse has been providing clean water, food, shelter and other urgent needs to many people as well.

Reports are being uncovered frequently with new updates to the current status, however many groups collaborate to provide as much aid and support as they can. At this time, over 500 Christians are feared to be dead along with the many worshipers attending the Avalokiteshvara ceremony that day.


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