Religious Discrimination Pakistan India

Religious discrimination is rapidly on the rise and the world is seeing some of the worst cases to date, specifically in India and Pakistan.

Mumbai, India, and even Pakistan have demonstrated a noticeable rise in religious discrimination, particularly when it comes to jobs and housing. Zeeshan Khan, from Mumbai, Maharashtra, had recently received his MBA for International Business. He submitted his application to Hare Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd., only to be told they didn’t hire Muslim candidates. He received a “regret” letter from the Human Resource Department after social media warriors shared their outrage toward the company.

Equally enraging is Misbah Quadri, who was kicked out of her home on the basis of her Muslim faith. The 25-year-old woman had recently moved into her apartment in Wadala, Mumbai. The broker approached her with a No Objection Certification that essentially told her to accept the harassment she would receive for being Muslim. After, she approached the National Human Rights Commission. Hopefully she can be given some support. It’s pretty clear that few people can stand for religious discrimination.

In Pakistan, Hindus are a minority compared to Islam. Currently, young girl is facing religious discrimination against Hinduism. The daughter of a low-wage cook, Sandya Das was given education where few would have been. She was sent to convent schooling, and graduated from university with an M.Sc. However, when, after graduating, she attempted to get a job at the school she attended, they refused to hire her because of her Hindu faith and beliefs.

As more examples of religious discrimination arise, it’s worrisome to think about the future. Will the violence and hatred continue? Or will people learn to get along, see things from one another’s point of view and move forward with their lives? The daily challenges faced by those being religiously discriminated against make it difficult for them to continue on with their lives.


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