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Religions in Thailand Send Powerful Message of Peace

peace march

Holy leaders pay respects to the Paris victims at the French Embassy in Thailand.

Thailand's five biggest religious groups clustered in front of French Embassy to express condolences post the Paris terror attacks. Representatives from Thailand's Muslim, Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist communities communicated to Gilles Garachon, the French ambassador, that their march symbolized unity and peace post the horrific events of that day.

Religions in Thailand Send Powerful Message of Peace[/tweetthis]

Monsignor Vissanu Thanya-Anan, the Deputy Secretary-General of Thai Bishops' Conference, told the assembled media that the world is hungry for peace and tired of all the hatred. He said that this peace march symbolizes solidarity with the prayers for victims. It also represents the chance that it is possible for all religions to work and live harmoniously. They can also work for the betterment of the country and the society as good citizens. Monsignor Vissanu had previous experience as the Undersecretary of Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue.

The Deputy Secretary General joined the Bishop of Nakhon Ratchasima, Joseph Chusak Sirisut, in spearheading the peace march of Catholic delegation priests, along with a group comprising of school children in the peace march.

The Paris attack killed 129 people. It also led to the injury of 350 other individuals. Thai police have already been deployed to guard the Embassy of France located in Charoen Krung. The leaders of the five religions prayed successively for dead attack victims. Each prayed as per their own religious custom, in front of the walls of the embassy, prior to entering the embassy compound and then signing the condolences book. They condemned the violent act in religion's name through their message to the people of France.

Thanarat Watcharatisud, the Haroon Mosque Imam, said that he was deeply shocked as a Muslim and also extremely saddened by the events in Paris. According to him, religion has nothing to do with the attacks. He stressed that actions as a consequence of religious beliefs should benefit the faith, and these attacks on peaceful and innocent civilians caused all faiths untold damage.

The words of the Imam were echoed by Phra Bhikkhu Pasanno of Jubilee Temple located in Rama 9. Pasanno said religions of the world talk about peace — the Paris attacks were executed by criminals without any religion. This is because no faith will permit such horrific actions. The French Ambassador, Mr. Garachon, echoed the religious leaders. He said that the religions they represented are based on tolerance and respect. He thanked the religious leaders for their support.


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