Catholic Church And Gays

Pope Francis and the Vatican issued a statement about same-sex couples, but after conservative Catholics criticized it, the document was relabeled as a draft.

While Catholicism is constantly demeaned for having negative views against homosexuality, a document released by the Vatican offers some compassion, rather than hatred.

However, the statement was later slightly corrected after criticism by more conservative followers. The Vatican stated it wants to welcome homosexuals without indicating any positive support of the lifestyle. Unfortunately, both sides of the political spectrum are attempting to use the statements to their advantage; though, some of the stricter followers have felt the new document does not align with the Bible and other important building blocks of the religion.

The Diverse Public Reception

The document stated that the homosexual community has “gifts and qualities” to provide to the Christian community. It continues to question Catholics and their ability to accept homosexuals to the church and daily lives without compromising the integral values that created Catholicism. Many people have stated this opinion is a drastic change than under previous Catholic leaders and that Pope Francis is the only Pope to voice any positive statements about homosexuality. Some conservatives declare this statement a betrayal by the Vatican, while gay rights activists applaud the unique support voiced recently.

Activists also found the so-called “backtrack” minimal based on past occurrences, considering the later reply still stated that homosexuals should be welcomed into the church.

While the church clarified the announcement as a “working document,” it still clearly shows an evolution of religious opinion. With the continual fight for the homosexual community to receive certain rights within society, the new positive, respectful opinion on same-sex couples from the head of Catholicism strengthens the argument of the common liberal and gay rights supporter. Despite the major differences between parties, many people are hoping this will help the process of reconciliation between the drastically dissimilar viewpoints.

UPDATE: Saturday, October 18, the Catholic Church formally struck down the original wording of the document. Rather than viewing the gay community as one which has gifts to offer, the Catholic Church has now stated homosexuality is a problem that needs to be confronted by Catholic families.


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