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Piers Morgan Battles on Homosexuality in Intense TV Segment

Piers Morgan walking in street
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Argues with Mike Davidson on Gay Conversion

Piers Morgan, a television presenter on “Good Morning Britain,” is no new name when it comes to celebrity scandals and here he is again. Piers Morgan lost his cool on the Good Morning Britain show on Tuesday morning when a British physician, Mike Davidson, said he can convert homosexuality to heterosexuality in men.
Piers Morgan Battles on Homosexuality in Intense TV Segment[/tweetthis]

Mike Davidson, was a featured guest on the show when Morgan verbally attacked him and his views. Piers Morgan went as far as calling the Christian physician a bigot. Pier’s was clearly upset as he concluded the live TV interview by saying, “Why don’t you put a cork in it? I’ve had enough, Dr. Michael, just shut up!”

Ofcom, Britain’s communications regulator, says it has received hundreds of complaints after Good Morning Britain featured a man promoting gay conversion therapy. Some of these complaints went as far as terming the whole feature as TV sanctioned hate.

While Britain was less pleased with the whole fiasco, hosts Piers Morgan and Susan did not shy away from challenging the physician who claimed to be a straight male after being gay. Morgan was the more vocal of the two presenters and did not shy away from the doctor. At one point of the segment Piers challenged Davidson to prove that he was truly a heterosexual male.

The show does seem that it doesn’t mind losing its viewers as this was just a day after Morgan clashed with transgender model Munroe Bergdorf. In the stated interview, Morgan expressed his views and summarized transgender rights in the basic principle of letting boys be boys and girls be girls.

The audience of the good morning Britain show were clearly disappointed that the show allocated a platform for the physician to air his views. The audience was though pleased with Piers Morgan as one viewer was quick to tweet, “Piers gave Mike Davidson a run for his money. It’s a shame that Good Morning Britain had him on though. It’s a shame you gave him airtime.”

Morgan later expressed his views where he defended the show and expressed his beliefs that those sort of people (Mike Davidson) needed to be challenged publicly as they tend to do these sorts of actions in private.


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