Religious Garments Ban Sparks College Protests in India

Colleges in Karnataka, India, have started banning the use of any religious garment not explicitly called for in their dress code. This prevents Muslim

New Study Finds God Makes Religious People Less Depressed

Finding Hope in Dark Times by Margaret Dulaney

Many of you might have seen the little film by the Welsh Poet Tom Roberts called the Great Realization. Tom is reading a poem,

Want to Worship? Show Me Your Papers! by Charles Franklin

We have seen government abandon the First Amendment protections of religious liberty to tell people of faith they must toss out their long-held beliefs

New York Ends Measles Religious Exemption Vaccine

Vaccine mandates vs. religious beliefs — the legal arguments for the upcoming coronavirus lawsuits by Ross D. Silverman

The longer COVID-19 rages on, the more the United States appears to be hanging its hopes on the development and rapid, mass distribution of

Religious Liberty Under Attack and into Focus By Charles Franklin

One might suppose that religious liberty in the United States, would – like granite cliffs – withstand any ocean storm of legal assaults. It

A Bahá’í perspective on reckoning with racism By Randolph Dobbs

Public outrage following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis led to global demonstrations in the name of justice. Now as we all struggle

Churches Say: “You’re not the Boss of Me!”

Pastor Jon Duncan of the Cross Culture Christian Center in Lodi, Calif., has been ordered by the San Joaquin County Department of Health to

Displaced Rohingya peope in Rakhine State By Foreign and Commonwealth Office - Flickr, OGL

Are Christians the Most Persecuted Religion? Pew Report on Religious Harassment By L. Arik Greenberg, Ph.D.

In the summer of 2018, the Pew Research Center released a report on the state of religious persecution, restriction and harassment in the world;

Great Wall of China Image by Andy Leung

The Great Religious Wall of China

As many as a million Muslim Uighurs are currently imprisoned in Chinese “re-education camps,” according to new data released by the International Consortium of

Religious News From Around the Web, Dec 30th 2019

Amish Eviction, Religious Freedom Violators, Daf Yomi? China Bans Christmas, Church vs. State, Video: Incarceration of Chinese Uighurs, Taoism and Star Wars Michigan County