A Muslim woman was removed from a Donald Trump rally for silently protesting his anti-Islam stance.

Rose Hamid, a hijab wearing Muslim woman, was ejected from a Donald Trump campaign event. She had stood up to make a silent protest when the Republican presidential candidate was making a speech. Hamid said that she wanted to convey to Trump backers that they are practically supporting hateful rhetoric.

Hamid is a North Carolina resident and a flight attendant by profession. The 56-year-old was aware of the reasons as to why Trump has become so popular.

She told the media that Donald Trump is not only an entertainer, but has a number of valid points in his speech. She admits that the billionaire Republican candidate was engaging as well. She also said that the supporters of Trump must recognize the candidate. The hateful rhetoric spewed by Trump does not represent the U.S.

Hamid was wearing a blue T-shirt and white headscarf. She identifies as a registered Democrat. She attended the Trump rally as she had a holiday off from her work schedule and also wanted supporters of Donald Trump to get acquainted with an actual Muslim. Hamid said that she had told herself to quietly stand up if he talked hate concerning any group- and not limited to Muslims. That moment came up when Trump equated refugees from Syria to be affiliated with Islamic State. The Republican candidate has previously asked for Muslims to be temporarily banned from American shores.

The supporters of Trump, despite her silence, began to chant “Trump” as they were instructed by the candidate's campaign staff prior to the start of event in case protests occur, and began to point at Hamid. They also pointed at Marty Rosenbluth, a man who sat beside her and who stood up too. When the two were escorted out of the venue, the supporters shouted at them to get out and one even told her that she had a bomb.

Rock Hill Police Department's Major Steven Thompson told the assembled media that Hamid was thrown out of the event as the campaign had informed him before the event that any person making any kind of disturbance should be moved out.

An apology was demanded from Donald Trump by Council on American-Islamic Relations for this event. Nihad Awad, the Executive Director of CAIR, said that the instance of a Muslim American being abused and then escorted outside from political rallies makes for a frightening message to the American Muslims and also to those who value the U.S. tradition of civic participation and religious diversity.


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