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Muslim Sex Guide Tells Muslim Women to Enjoy their Sex Life

By Amo hamza (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Amo hamza (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Umm Muladhat’s book The Muslimah Sex Guide is the first book of its kind.

A Muslim woman, writing under the name Umm Muladhat, an alias, has written The Muslimah Sex Manual. The book offers unadulterated advice to Muslim women with an Islamic emphasis.

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The Muslimah Sex Guide is arguably the first book in modern times to discuss Muslim sexuality. As expected, it had already led to controversy among some conservative sections of Muslims. A majority of Muslims, however, have realized that many members of their community are confused concerning realistic expectations about sex and its enjoyment.

According to Muladhat, she wrote the book after one of her newly married female friends complained about her unfulfilling intimate life. When Muladhat searched for guides specifically for Muslims, the results turned out to be negative. What she found instead was numerous books on marriage, but nothing on a married couple's intimate life.

Chapters in the book explore topics which are considered taboo in the Muslim world. These topics are thus not much discussed, if at all. A few chapters deal with standard subjects like kissing and sexting. As the book progresses, the higher numbered chapters elaborate on more risqué topics like oral sex and positions. According to Umm Muladhat, the author, the purpose of writing this book is to make sure that wives have equitable relationship with husbands. She said that she has witnessed a number of women get married with scant knowledge of sex.

Muladhat continues on to say that her book concentrates on the message of encouraging Muslim women to not only take pleasure and enjoy, but also to initiate intimacy. The book assists the reader to go for a varied intimate life. The chapter names say it all, with “5 myths about Muslim sex,” “What to say during sex.” and “How to do a strip-tease.” She had emphasized on having sex solely with one’s spouse, and having a varied and complete range of healthy sexual experiences with that particular person. She points out that Islam emphasizes an enjoyment of physical relationships within the marriage context, and not just for the procreative purpose. The wife is within her rights that her husband satisfies her sexual urges.

When asked about the alias, Muladhat prefers that she remain anonymous. The only information about herself she is willing to disclose is that she is an American and has a psychology degree. This anonymity is due to the subject's sensitivity and the fear of backlash from more conservative sections of her Muslim community.


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