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No Longer Taboo: Religion Makes a Happier Workplace

Religion in the Workplace

While politics and religion are often thought of as untouchable subjects at work, a new study finds discussing religion actually makes for a happier office.

Religion is a special topic when it comes to social interactions. This is because it has a unique ability to divide, as well as to unite, like no other. One of the growing trends over the last generation has been to keep your religious background to yourself in public places, especially in the workplace. However, recent studies have shown that religion has an interesting effect when people are open about it in the workplace. The latest study finds that people who are open about their religion in their jobs are actually happier.

Religion In The Workplace

It is common in most modern workplaces to keep two things to yourself: your political views and your religion. This helps to keep the peace and to prevent people from being insensitive to one another. Yet it also has another effect on people: they are forced to hold back on beliefs that are deeply held and precious to them. This can cause awkwardness or resentment toward what is being seen as an increasing level of political correctness in the office.

Kansas State University Research

A recent study by Kansas State University finds that it may not be the best idea to do away with religious diversity within the workplace. They found that it is beneficial to celebrate all manner of religions in the office, and that the workers in these areas typically have better attitudes and connectivity than those who work in a religion-free environment.

The research program took part in several countries, surveying hundreds of workers and asking how much religion impacted their lives. For those people who said that religion was a significant part of their life, they disclosed that they were far more outgoing in a work environment that encouraged them to be open about their religious beliefs. Most importantly, this open nature about religion allowed them to be much happier and satisfied in their positions.

What Does “Being Open” Mean?

Openness in religion can manifest in many different ways. It could be something as simple as decorating your personal office space with a religious figure that is tasteful for your job. Also, encourage people to attend social events to learn about one another’s background and to get to know each other on a more personal level. According to Simon Fraser University, which corroborated the study by KSU, this can lead to greater understanding and better interpersonal relationships in the workplace. However, you have to be aware of the possible implications that come with touting your religion, and must be sure not be insensitive of others while appreciating your own.


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